Our Mission

To drive constant improvement in healthcare service delivery to the patient through constant improvement in IT service delivery to the provider.

Our Mission

Values - patient driven IT Service delivery

Our Values

We are a patient-centric IT security technology company. Your patients and your organization are at the forefront of every solution we propose and implement.

Agile/SCRUM Methodology

Our Method

We use an agile methodology, assessing, upskilling, and mentoring to facilitate operational and team transformation within our own organization and yours.


EHR optimization and security

HIPAA Compliance gaps? EHR system not all it's cracked up to be?

We’ll assess your current compliance posture, remediate any gaps, and implement an internal maintenance and audit plan. Then review and optimize your current EHR configuration to reduce the administrative overhead.

Need a reliable IT Service Desk?

Our 24/7 IT Service Desk is staffed with knowledgeable, experienced engineers, ready and willing to help at a moment’s notice. Outsource your service desk completely or let us fill in the support gaps for your existing department.

24/7 IT Service desk
Telehealth and mobile data protection

Working remotely? Using cloud-based applications?

Our integrated endpoint security and data protection platform protects your remote workforce from device to data. Work safely from anywhere or from any device with our security solutions.

Need a true Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution?

Our robust disaster recovery solutions give you the flexibility you need. Recover any data locally, to a remote office, or from the cloud. We’ve got the answers to your DR and archiving questions.

Disaster Recovery

Why Choose Nutech Solutions


We improve day-to-day operations by automating repetitive tasks and resolving at the root cause. Issues are

handled in the background while you and your staff focus on the tasks that drive your business forward. See a measurable uptick in performance and revenue when issues that you have just learned to live with over the years start to disappear, you and your staff start to routinely get more done in a day, administrative load decreases and patient count increases.

Remote & Telehealth Support

A recent study conducted during the height of the COVID-19 state of emergency

confirmed that the pandemic accelerated the migration of user workflows to cloud-based applications.  A whopping 70% of respondents admitted that they were ill-prepared from a security perspective, with 65% of respondents allowing access to managed applications from unmanaged mobile devices. We keep your remote workforce safe and productive from anywhere.


Due diligence and due care must be exercised, documented, and ready to

produce in the case of a breach or audit. Nutech performs an initial assessment to identify gaps and remediate all findings to bring your organization into full compliance.  Status reports are provided periodically to ensure maintenance and provide ongoing evidence of compliance. Our compliance solutions fit your needs to ensure the safety of your patients and your practice.


It doesn’t matter how secure the network is if it isn’t fast and reliable. We assess your environment then employ

our security-driven networking methodology to guide you through the process of optimizing your network, systems and applications for maximum uptime, performance and reliability. We’re helping you to work securely while at the same time delivering the speed and redundancy you must be able to rely on for business in a digital world.

Increased Productivity and Profitability

The HealthCare IT Specialists


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IT Managed Security Services

Cyber Threat & Performance Assessment

From $1200

We conduct a pre-screening questionaire and network assessment over a period of days to analyze and distinguish normal traffic from anomalies, discover all potential and existing security and performance issues, then provide reports with recommendations as to how to address and resolve them.