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Who Are We

NuTech Solutions LLC is a strategic blend of established professionals with decades of experience in IT security and business continuity service delivery. Together we are creating a culture that combines the best of creativity and innovation with the wisdom and steadiness of experience. We have leveraged partnerships with industry leaders to create a collective of shared knowledge and expertise. We combine industry leading technology with agile, ROI-driven processes to streamline backoffice administration. Our clients will be able to leverage our Enterprise-proven technologies, process improvement methodologies, and team empowerment ideologies to realize a measurable uptick in overall productivity and profitability. Our purpose is to empower every individual in your office as we help you to reach existing goals and set new ones.


What Makes Us Different

Information Technology has traditionally been grudgingly accepted as a necessary evil –  the cost of doing business. We are helping our clients to instead experience and appreciate IT as it truly should be, an essential driver of business growth and stability. Today’s IT Service provider is not just in the IT business. We are in the business business and more importantly, the people business.  We collectively understand that though the value of the technology employed cannot be understated, the true value still lies in the people and processes driving the solutions. We’re not just answering a call or alert, delivering a report and having you sit through the monthly review. We take an active role in partnering with you to drive your organization toward your definition of success.

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Why Us

We’re not here to sell you. We’re here to fill a need. If it doesn’t help to drive and protect your business, we wont offer it. We focus on discovering what you actually do need and how it supports your journey, then making continuous, measurable contributions along every step of the way. Our fully service oriented model  and methodology ensures that the growth and success of your business is always our client-centric focus. We are confident that our suite of solutions and minds allow us to give our clients an unprecedented service delivery experience. We understand that we are not for everyone, and that’s OK. We are seeking those extraordinary people like us who want to build extraordinary organizations. Contact us so we can write new success stories together.

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