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BYOD – Friendly. HIPAA Compliant. Redact PHI and PII in transit or at rest. Rock solid cloud security. Any Application. Any Device.

Traditional Mobile Device Management Is Not The Answer

And it never was. True mobile device security has admittedly been a constant challenge for many organizations. One of the biggest reasons for this is employee refusal of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile policies. And rightfully so. Staff doesn’t want the organization managing or controlling a device that doesn’t belong to the organization. Some organizations may throw out the carrot of re-imbursing the phone bill in exchange for installation of their management agent, but most employees decline, as expected. Their privacy, to them, is worth more than the monthly cell phone bill. So how do we get past this?

We start by remembering that the ultimate goal of any mobile security program is to secure sensitive data on the device, not the device itself. The value is in the data. Nutech’s agentless solution employs the data-centric, proactive security posture you need to deploy a truly secure mobile workforce. At the same time this agentless solution protects the privacy of your employees and has no effect on battery life or performance of the phone. There is nothing installed, and nothing has to be installed to protect data the company deems confidential. Again you ask, how do we do this?

Tailor-Made For Healthcare
Our next-generation Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution controls the flow of Protected Health Information to devices through Data Leak Protection and access control, and once the data is on the device it is protected by data-centric controls such as rights management, password policy enforcement, and encryption. We can:
  • Apply pre-built or custom policies to prevent downloads of sensitive data or sync to the device
  • Configure security to automatically redact customer PHI or PII from a spreadsheet, email or other document downloaded to a mobile device
  • Block an email deemed too sensitive to be viewed on a mobile device and display a warning message instead
  • Enforce essential security policies, including PIN codes and mobile device encryption, across Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices
  • Selectively wipe corporate data in the case of lost, stolen, or deprovisioned mobile devices without affecting users’ personal data, where most vendors wipe the full device, destroying user data in the process

Better still, we can deploy to your entire organization in minutes, allowing you to quickly implement a secure remote work plan or easily address holes in your current mobile security posture. Users don’t have to install anything. They simply sign into their apps as they normally would, where they are silently redirected to and through the completely cloud-based security service and all security policies are applied and enforced on the data. All sensitive data flowing to the BYOD is protected in real-time. Policies can be configured to redact, encrypt, outright block, or wipe remotely. And to top it off, ours is the only solution on the market whose reverse proxy enables protection of data in any SaaS or on-premises app accessed via mobile web browser.

We also proxy application traffic so we can selectively wipe data from the admin interface. We leverage the native Activesync capabilities of all modern mobile devices to enforce device security policies like password age limits and strength levels, and device encryption. Even Single Sign-On. It’s your old MDM on steroids.

What Do We Do That Your MDM Doesn't?

data leakage

Sensitive data is protected from exfiltration by malware and from disclosure by staff members, whether intentional or accidental. The policy controls the data, regardless of the device.


SaaS-based email applications like Microsoft 365 or G Suite are data-secure. Redact PHI and PII or even completely block an email from mobile access if it is deemed too sensitive.

cloud applications

Not just email. We can secure data from any cloud based application. Sharepoint, Salesforce, Dropbox, Slack, your office EHR application...It's completely vendor agnostic.


Gain visibility into compliance and governance. Identify at-risk data, configure policy to remediate vulnerabilities, and audit to maintain a healthy data security posture.

Don’t delay your mobile rollout any further or worry about the security or compliance of your current mobile deployment. We can help you take care of these easily, securely, and affordably. Schedule a proof of concept below and see how it can work for your organization.