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Keeping Our Fingers On the Pulse of Healthcare IT Services Delivery, HIPAA Compliance, and Cyber Security

Is It Time To Replace Your Antivirus?

The first virus for Windows based PCs was written in January of 1986.

Dr. Livewell's Cyber Threat and Performance Assessment

At Nutech we always stress the importance of having a Cyber.

4 ways the HITECH Act changed HIPAA Compliance

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health.

5 Steps to IoT Security

The Internet of Things, or IoT, could not have been better named, as it describes all the nonstandard devices now connecting to the internet and sharing data.

True Healthcare Security Through Integration and Automation

Like it or not, we are being pushed headfirst into this era of accelerated digital transformation

15 IT Security Best Practices

Between YouTube and Kali Linux, even the most junior hacker has several ways to gain unauthorized access to a weakly secured network and wreak havoc. You’re only as

HIPAA Compliance Starter Kit 2020

Below we have provided a checklist, a starter kit, if you will, to get you

How Phishing Attacks Are Outpacing Your Current Solution

Take a look at any of the many articles or news segments and you’ll quickly see that phishing attacks have been on the rise

Getting Started With HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

5 Huge Benefits of HIPAA Compliance

The Healthcare IT sector continues to explode with more cloud migrations, remote work solutions

How Safe Is Your SaaS-Based Email?

Microsoft 365 and G Suite have quickly become the two primary email and producitivity suites of

Choosing the Right EHR Vendor and Why You Should Ditch the Paper

It's surprising to think that an estimated 40% of healthcare providers still use paper charts